Do I Need a Qualified Invoice Number?

Are Qualified Invoices for you?

For Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Japan, especially foreign-owned businesses, navigating the complexities of the Qualified Invoice System is crucial for compliance with tax laws. To that end, this article aims to clarify who needs to adhere to this system. For a detailed understanding, consult an expert and visit Japan’s National Tax Agency for … Read more

Paradigm: Your Solution for Electronic Document Management

Document Management in Japan

Navigating the complex tax environment in Japan poses a significant challenge for foreign SMEs. With the introduction of stringent compliance requirements like the Qualified Invoice System, the need for an efficient, reliable Electronic Document Management System is more crucial than ever. Paradigm emerges as an indispensable tool in this regard, offering JIIMA-compliant tax management tailored … Read more

How do I get a Qualified Invoice Number?

A Qualified Invoice Number affects our taxes.

A Qualified Invoice Number is a unique identifier required under Japan’s new tax system for valid invoicing and claiming tax credits. It is a part of the invoice criteria set by the National Tax Agency for transparent and efficient consumption tax processing. For more background on the recent history of the development of the new … Read more