Reporting and Translation: Breaking the Language Barrier

reporting and translation

In a dynamic business landscape, effective reporting and seamless communication are paramount. Paradigm, recognized for its innovative compliance and electronic document management solutions, introduces a pivotal feature that transcends language barriers and empowers organizations with comprehensive reporting tools. This article delves into the sophisticated reporting and translation functionalities available within Paradigm, highlighting how they can … Read more

Are You Still Printing E-Invoices?

printing e-invoices

In the rapidly evolving business landscape of Japan, adherence to compliance and tax regulations is more crucial than ever. For years, businesses have been managing electronic invoices (e-invoices) in a surprisingly traditional manner: printing them out for archiving. This practice, rooted in the need to meet Japan’s strict compliance regulations, is facing a significant overhaul. … Read more

Timestamping Done Right: Secure Your Documents with Integrity


In the digital age, ensuring the integrity and security of documents has become a paramount concern for businesses worldwide. At the heart of this concern is the process of timestamping—a sophisticated method that is redefining the standards for document security and compliance. This article explores what timestamping is, how it works, and why we consider it … Read more