Go Paperless with Paradigm

Keep secure digital copies of all of your finance documents including receipts, invoices, quotes and more, and leave the paper behind

Digitized financial records compliant with local tax laws


Your data is encrypted so that you, and only you, can access it


Powerful yet simple interface that goes wherever you go


Leave the paper behind – snap a pic, upload, and you’re done


Fully compliant with Japanese tax laws regarding replacement of paper records

Great for companies of 10 to 100,000

Easy to use

Be up and running in minutes with a fully customizable interface. Works on desktops and mobile devices with no application installation required.

Powerful yet simple search and reports

Get results in seconds when you search
through your database and documents
and generate reports that stand out.

Your data, secured

Safely and securely store and retrieve your sensitive documents backed by AWS and Amano timestamping services.

Choose a pricing plan to suit your needs

Features that help you run your business


The only product supporting English, and Japanese


Secure login utilizing 2FA and encrypted data storage

Mobile Interface

An easy to use mobile interface for storing documents on the go

Ease of use

Drag and drop interface for file uploads and intuitive user interface


Resilient hosting by AWS with on-shore data storage in Japan


Any file accepted, not just PDF like most other services


Approved by Japan’s National Taxation Authority (NTA) for digital recordkeeping


Secured by Amano, the industry leader in timestamp technology

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which languages and regions do you support?

    Current supported languages are Japanese and English. We intend to include Chinese (simplified and traditional) in the near future. The current region support from a regulatory perspective is Japan, though the system can be used in most regions for the purpose of secure recordkeeping. Other locations are upcoming, dependent on local regulations.

  • What does Paradigm do that keeping digital copies of files won’t?

    Starting October 2023, Japan officially commenced its mandatory ‘invoice system’. Under this system, any digital invoice/receipt that was originally generated in digital form must also be stored in digital form. It is no longer compliant to simply print out digital files on paper to store in physical form. As digital files can be easily modified, regulations state that they must be kept only where such modification is technically impossible, such as inside Paradigm.

  • How secure is Paradigm?

    Paradigm has multiple levels of security, starting with SSL and including Two Factor Authentication using SMS or Authenticator, database based access controls, and most importantly, encryption keys that belong to the customer only. This ensures that your files and data are only accessible by you and nobody else, including Paradigm administrators and employees.

  • Who is Paradigm meant for?

    Paradigm is meant for any business that wants to store scanned copies of financial and tax-related documentation digitally in place of paper originals. This includes receipts, invoices, quotes and estimates, or anything else that could be used for tax and audit purposes. Beyond scanned copies, Paradigm will also timestamp and store almost any other type of file securely in the cloud, offering unparalleled transparency and access without compromising security.