Where flexibility meets

Paradigm is build to effortlessly support and streamline your financial document storage process.

The details you need

Get what you need in a way that’s detailed yet easy to understand. No more searching through spreadsheets to find what you need, it’s all visual and all at your fingertips.

 Intuitively laid out for ease of review

Detailed information with relevant supporting data

Insight into history of changes and approvals

Reports in seconds

Generate detailed reports based on all available metadata in Paradigm, and use it for exporting to PDF and CSV. This allows you to generate reports for C level members, overseas teams, expense reporting, trends in costs, and even for internal and external audits.

Compliant reporting for tax audits

Visual reporting to determine trends in spend

Export spreadsheets and all supporting documents as required

Powerful search engine

Pulling up specific details couldn’t be easier. Run searches to help you generate reports and run internal audits with a number of criteria including ranges of dates, costs, submitters, etc.

Search using highly specific criteria

Allows for searching even when no value is present

Search within attached notes when unable to find the specific submission

Easy mobile interface

Simply take a photo or upload from your mobile device and forget about holding onto paper. Your expenses now live in the palm of your hands and in the cloud, no more worrying about losing, misplacing, or damaging receipts and other physical documents.

Snap and upload photos, no need to keep the originals anymore

Paperless storage allowing for safe storage of documents

Simple to be fully compliant while on the go

The only platform that can support your company at any scale