Are You Still Printing E-Invoices?

In the rapidly evolving business landscape of Japan, adherence to compliance and tax regulations is more crucial than ever. For years, businesses have been managing electronic invoices (e-invoices) in a surprisingly traditional manner: printing them out for archiving. This practice, rooted in the need to meet Japan’s strict compliance regulations, is facing a significant overhaul.

Old Practices

Traditionally, it was not uncommon for businesses to print out PDFs of e-invoices for archiving purposes. This method was widely accepted as a means to comply with Japanese tax regulations, ensuring businesses could produce a physical copy of every transaction when required.

Change in Regulations

However, the landscape of compliance and tax regulation in Japan has taken a pivotal turn. Recent changes in regulations now mandate that the original electronic versions of invoices must be stored and timestamped accurately. This shift marks a departure from the conventional practice of printing and physically storing documents, underscoring the Japanese government’s push towards digital modernization and security.

The Challenge of Timestamping

Implementing a timestamping solution is no trivial task. It requires a sophisticated understanding of technology and regulations, posing a significant challenge for businesses aiming to develop such systems in-house. The technological complexity and stringent compliance demands make timestamping an effort-intensive endeavor.

Paradigm: The Solution

Enter Paradigm, a state-of-the-art solution crafted to navigate the complexities of electronic document management and compliance. Through advanced timestamping technology, Paradigm ensures that your business’s e-invoices are not only stored in compliance with new regulations but also secured against tampering and loss. Learn more about how we’re pioneering compliance technology.

Benefits of Electronic Document Management

Stop printing e-invoices. Start adopting an electronic document management system like Paradigm. Take a significant step towards sustainability. This approach not only aids in maintaining compliance with evolving tax laws but also reduces the carbon footprint associated with physical document storage, promoting a greener and more efficient method of operation.


The shift towards electronic document management and the emphasis on timestamping reflect a broader trend of digital transformation in Japan’s regulatory environment. Paradigm stands at the forefront of this change, offering a robust, secure, and compliant solution for businesses navigating the complexities of tax regulations.

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