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We give you the opportunity to choose the perfect plan tailored to your needs. Contact us if you would like help in deciding what is right for your organization.

Definition of Terms


Timestamps are unique files that are generated once a file has been uploaded and submitted for approval or processing. Each file that is timestamped has a digital record that is associated with it, which brings it into compliance with NTA regulations and can then be used for official tax related activities, including audits.

Admin Accounts

Admin accounts have the ability to perform all activities of a User or Finance account (see below), and additionally can make changes to your Organization including the ability to toggle on/off the ability to self-approve for Finance and Admin teams, enable/disable 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), enable/disable all default fields such as amount, country, document type, etc., create and enable/disable custom fields, export all company wide data including files and timestamps, view “deleted” submissions, make changes to billing plans, and add/disable/change users.

Finance Accounts

Finance accounts have the all of the abilities of a User account (see below) plus the ability to see and run reports on all submissions (except “deleted” submissions which are Admin only) and can approve the submissions of all Users. If enabled by the Admin within your organization, Finance users can also approve their own submissions.

User Accounts

User accounts have the ability to create and submit files and have all associated timestamps and records created and registered into Paradigm. Users are able to enter all associated information with each file and run reports based on all submissions created only by them. Approvals are still pending Finance and/or Admin teams’ approval, there is no ability to self-approve submissions.


Storage represents the total amount of storage of files and data in your organization including original uploaded files, timestamps, and all supporting files needed for verification. As files cannot be deleted due to regulatory requirements, there is no ability to reduce your storage usage.

Optional Add-Ons

As needed, you are able to purchase more of any item including Timestamps, User accounts of any kind, and Storage. With the exception of Timestamps, all optional add-ons are billed on a monthly or yearly basis along with your selected subscription tier.